Tornado Hits Warren County

A line of severe thunderstorms spawned a tornado that swept through the Irving College area of Warren County on Wednesday afternoon, knocking down trees and damaging homes. However, no serious injuries were reported.
According to Warren County 911 Director Chuck Haston, the 911 center began receiving calls of a funnel cloud over the Irving College area at a little after 5pm. Two trees fell on a home on Dry Creek Road and a mobile home was destroyed on Chapel Hill Drive.
There was also roof damage, numerous trees were knocked down, some trees over the roads and power lines down.
Law enforcement and Highway Department personnel worked for hours removing trees and debris, while utility personnel worked to restore power to the area.
EMS responded to one home that was damaged, but the injury was minor and no one was transported to the hospital.
In Bedford County their Emergency Management Agency director said most of the debris there indicated straight-line winds, but there were a few places where the evidence was less conclusive, so National Weather Service officials will determine if there was a tornado.