Top stories from Thunder Radio in 2019

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome to 2020, we at Thunder Radio want to share with you some of the top stories of the year as decided by you on our website – Listed below are the top five most viewed stories on our website in 2019:

  1. We reported to you in September that eight children were found living in deplorable conditions and both parents were jailed. That story garnered over 31,000 views on the Thunder Radio website. 

2. To close the year, Thunder Radio reported to you that a man was found dead in Lakewood Park and two suspects were in custody in Oklahoma. That story has been viewed over 13,500 times. 

3. In July, human remains were discovered in the Beech Grove area of Coffee County. Arrested was Connie Ray, age 61. That story received over 12,400 views

4. In June, just before Bonnaroo, Manchester Police were called to Walker Street after a jail trustee discovered what turned out to be an explosive device in a ditch. A second explosive device was also located and arrests were made. That story was viewed 11,000 times by our readers. 

5. And lastly, in September, we reported that two former corrections officers with the Warren County Jail had been arrested after an investigation by the TBI charged the two with tampering with government records. That story was viewed more than 10,700 times. 

We thank you, our loyal listeners, making Manchester’s most visited website and for trusting Thunder Radio to be your go-to source for for local news and sports coverage. Keep up to date in 2020 by visiting us online every day – the news is always free – at And we resolve to continue to improve our coverage for you every day.