TNReady Standardized Tests Score could count Larger Percentage of Student’s Final Grade

Midstate students may have a tougher time getting good grades if a proposed bill passes.
This bill could make TNReady standardized tests score a larger percentage of student’s final grade in some cases.
Right now, TNReady test scores make up 10 percent of the final grade for students in 3rd through 8th grade. That percentage is supposed to jump to 15 percent next school year.
This bill gives more power to local school boards to decide how much weight the standardized tests will have. It gives them the choice to make it a quarter of a student’s final grade, and it also gives schools the option of completely ignoring scores for grades 3 through 5.
For students in grades 6 to 8, the comprehensive test scores have to account for 10 to 25 percent of the student’s final grade.
The bill also forces the state to hand over the test scores on time. If they aren’t given to teachers on time, teachers don’t have to factor them into final grades.
As far as this new proposal goes, it has already passed the House. It’s on the schedule this week for the Senate Education Committee. (WSMV-TV)