Three-Year-Old Burned By Possible Meth Chemicals – Mother And Father Jailed

Jonathan Ryan Banks

A 3-year-old child was burned by suspected meth chemicals Saturday in Manchester.  Police found even more appalling items inside the residence where the child lived.  Manchester Police answered a call to a house on Raven Street and found chemicals used to produce meth and multiple roaches and bugs in the house. The child got into chemicals that were used to produce the drug. The 3-year-old and three other children were treated at United Regional Medical Center where they were decontaminated for meth.  The Department of Children Services took custody of the children and turned them over to the other family members. The father, 29-year-old Jonathan Ryan Banks, was charged with simple possession of marijuana after admitting to smoking pot when police found a bag of marijuana.  He was also charged with aggravated child endangerment.  The mother, 22-year-old Ashley Marie Harrell, was charged with child abuse/neglect for allowing the children to live in uninhabitable living conditions.

Ashley Marie Harrell