Three People Arrested During Meth (Ice) Bust In Manchester

Meth (Ice) found inside a boot... Photo provided.

Meth (Ice) found inside a boot… Photo provided.

On Monday morning Officer Dustan Foster of the Manchester Police responded to a call concerning a person walking around the square pulling on the door handles of parked cars. According to a police report, Foster said dispatch advised that a male subject had walked up a stairway at 107 W. Main St. Foster says he knocked on the door of an apartment telling the person he was with Manchester Police and a male’s voice answered saying hold on. In the report Foster says he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the residence. After entering the apartment with another officer the person they saw met the description of the person given out by dispatch. In the report, 26 year-old Richard David Allen, said he was walking around the square looking for his keys and cell phone.
Due to the strong smell of marijuana Foster asked Allen if he could search his residence and he complied. While that was being done the police report goes on to state that another male subject enter the apartment and because of safety Sgt Mitchell West conducted a pat down. That person was asked if he had anything such as a weapon or drugs on his person and he said yes, but the jacket he was wearing was not his. Found on his person was approximately 8 grams of methamphetamine (Ice) and 4 blue Xanax pills found inside a baggy. In his backpack several syringes were located and $221 was found in his wallet. 36 year-old Jonathan Potts of Mill St, Manchester was placed into custody and charged with sale and delivery of meth along with drug paraphernalia.
The police report went on to state that approximately 5 minutes later, another a male, female and a 3 year-old juvenile came into the apartment. The male subject, 27 year-old Jessie Coker of Estill Springs was placed into custody for an active warrant out of Franklin County, TN. Children’s Services and Manchester Police Investigators were called to the scene.
Officers found in the apartment inside a boot approximately 2.5oz of methamphetamine (Ice) and Meth lying on a dresser. Also found was a marijuana cigarette on the floor and digital scales. Richard David Allen was arrested and charged with manufacture, sale and delivery of methamphetamine.
Officer Foster also seized a 1999 Cadillac for allegedly transporting the narcotics to the residence from Jonathan Potts.