UPDATE!! Three Inmates Back In The Bedford County Jail

Allen Harris

James Lynch

John Lovvron

Three people escaped from the Bedford County Jail early Thursday morning.
The escape occurred around 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning.
Police are looking for John Lovvorn, 20, James Lynch, 22, and 34-year-old Allen Harris.
During the search, a Shelbyville officer crashed his police car on South Cannon Boulevard. The officer wasn’t seriously hurt.
Harris of Murfreesboro, was being held on a charge for failing to appear in court.
Lovvorn of Shelbyville was in jail on charges of aggravated robbery, burglary, theft of property and vandalism.
Lynch of Shelbyville was being held on several drug counts.
Anyone with information on the men’s whereabouts is urged to call the sheriff’s office at 931-684-3232.