THP and TDOT preparing for Eclipse

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said troopers haven’t planned for an event so extensively since Y2K. Now the countdown is on until August 21, when day briefly turns to night and we experience a total solar eclipse.
It’s something Tennessee state agencies have been planning for since Christmas.
On August 21, TDOT drivers will be stationed across the state to respond to crashes and other calls for help.
TDOT and THP fear that people will stop on the road or shoulder, causing serious or deadly crashes.
Troopers said there are some things you can do to help: If you are driving, turn on your headlights. When driving don’t look directly at the sun and whatever you do don’t try to wear your dark safety goggles on the road.
Pay attention and keep moving.
Keep in mind that if you do stop along the road, you will be reprimanded by law enforcement and you could get a ticket.
The best thing you can do is plan ahead. Anticipate traffic that day and get to your viewing spot early so you’re not caught on the roads during the eclipse.