The Results Are In

Manchester Mayor elect Lonnie Norman... By Barry West

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A major change occurred last night in Manchester as a new mayor and 3 new aldermen were elected to serve the citizens of Manchester. Lonnie Norman was selected to be the mayor with 745 votes, Claude Morse finished 2nd, incumbent Mayor Betty Superstein came in 3rd, and Stella McWhorter in 4th.

For alderman Tim Pauley was tops in votes with 972 and will serve 4 years. Incumbent Ryan French will continue to be in his seat for 4 more years with 919 votes. Russell Bryan gets to serve 4 years with his 915 votes. Cheryl Swan won a seat for 2 years with 913 and incumbent Roxanne Patton will see 2 more years on the board with 705 votes.

One incumbent returns to the Manchester City School Board as Susan Parsley received 941 votes. The top vote-getter was Mike Lewis with 986. Incumbent Bob Bellamy finished 3rd.

In the race for 4th district county commissioner, Sam Mai defeated Anne Frisby 239 to 150.

County school board seat 2: Freda K Jones won with 725 votes to Marshall Gilliam’s 304. Seat 5 was won by Shannon Duncan with 853 to incumbent Kathy Norton’s 358.

In Tullahoma’s only contested race, Jimmy Blanks and Sandy Lindeman won alderman seats.

In the race for District 16 State Senate, Democrat Steve Roller won in Coffee County , but Jim Lewis won overall. Janice Bowling won both Coffee County and the district. Lewis and Bowling will run against each other in November.

Diane Black defeated Lou Ann Zelenik in both for 6th district congressman.

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