The Latest Update On The Suspicious Package At Tullahoma Wal-Mart

Tullahoma Police block the entrance to Walmart... Photo by Barry West

Tullahoma Police block the entrance to Walmart… Photo by Barry West

The Tullahoma Police Department continued the investigation of the suspicious package discovered at the Wal-Mart, N. Jackson St, on Saturday, Aug 9. As a result of the investigation, Detectives were able to determine the person responsible for the package. The investigation revealed an employee of the construction company had removed some mechanical displays during renovation. The employee disassembled the mechanical display and kept the lower portion which consisted of a box, battery pack, motor, shaft and wire with an on/off switch. The lower mechanical assembly was placed on the curb while the employee continued working. At the end of the work day the employee forgot the item and left for the weekend. Upon returning to work Monday morning the employee learned of the event and the description of the suspicious package. The investigation confirmed that the mechanical displays were indeed present in the store and were removed as part of the renovation process.
The investigation is closed as no criminal intent is established.
The presence of suspicious packages should always be treated with caution, and employers should encourage employees to be familiar with their work environment and remain attentive to the presence of packages and items that are out of place. The police should be contacted anytime a suspicious item is discovered. The Police Department would like to commend all involved in this incident and the manner in which it was handled. Safety is always the priority.