Testing Results From Annual Horse Show

walking horse2The USDA inspection numbers for The Celebration Walking Horse show in Shelbyville, indicate that 52 percent of swab tests were positive.
A total of 125 swab samples were taken, with 65 showing positive for foreign substances, USDA data shows. Not every horse is inspected.
For blood tests, five of 103 horses tested positive, according to USDA data.
For the 2014 show, The Celebration implemented a Veterinary Advisory Committee to oversee what it called independent testing. The VAC inspections had nothing to do with the USDA inspections.
During the show, 131 horses were radiographed and the VAC found no improper shoeing or pressure shoeing, according to the VAC website. During the show, 407 horses had blood drawn, and of those 230 were sent to a laboratory for testing. Thirty-six horses were found in violation of the prohibited substances.(Story from Shelbyville Times-Gazette)