Tennessee Ranks 6th when it comes to Early Retirement

Do you want to retire early? Starting your golden years sooner may sound enticing but it’s a difficult proposition. You’ll probably need to earn a lot, and you’ll definitely need to save aggressively and budget carefully. There are some states in the U.S. that are better suited for retirees, where your retirement savings would go further.
Wyoming ranked #1 and Tennessee is the 6th in the nation. Tennessee is a great place to retire early because of its low cost of living. A low cost of living means you can retire in Tennessee earlier and with less savings. According to data, the state has the third-lowest average non-housing cost of living.
Plus, Tennessee is another state with a 0% average effective income tax. One concern: sales tax in Tennessee can make everyday items expensive. Tenneessee has the second-highest average state and local sales taxes.