Tennessee Promise Deadlines Coming Soon

Two important Tennessee Promise deadlines occur on Dec. 1, 2017. All current Motlow State Community College students have until Dec. 1 to complete eight hours of community service in order to remain eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship. The same deadline applies for anyone interested in volunteering to become a Tennessee Promise mentor.
Students who still need to complete their community service hours can visit the Motlow Tennessee Promise webpage at tnpromise.mscc.edu/service-opportunities for an up-to-date listing of community service opportunities in their area.
Students can also visit the tnAchieves website at tnachieves.org/community-service for a listing of community service opportunities for students in their local region. Community service hours can be submitted to the tnAchieves website as well.
Motlow Tennessee Promise Coordinator Debra Smith is urging anyone interested from Motlow faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the general public to apply to the tnAchieves mentor program. Mentors play a critical role in assisting students as they navigate the challenges of post-secondary education.
For further information regarding the Tennessee Promise program at Motlow, contact Debra Smith at dsmith@mscc.edu or 931-438-9766.