Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen says she will Not Resign

Dr Candice McQueen

On Wednesday, the Government Operations and Joint House Education Committees questioned Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen if she will resign, citing the numerous issues with the statewide testing during her time in office.
McQueen responded saying she does not plan to resign. She said the commission plans to continue to move forward and work with Questar on TNReady.
This comes after there were issues on the vendor’s end on Monday and Tuesday. The vendor, Questar and their program didn’t allow most students to login to take the test and kept others from being able to save their tests.
Questar reported the program was ‘hacked’, but the Department of Education said on Tuesday that Questar was doing what it could to make sure the system wouldn’t be compromised again, and that the system shut down was done to keep student data from being stolen.