Tennessee Creates 28,700 Jobs in 2017

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips recently announced Tennessee ended 2017 with more than 28,000 new jobs across the state in the last year and an unemployment rate nearly 2 percentage points lower than 2016.
In 2017 a total of 28,700 nonfarm jobs were created across the state. The largest increases occurred in the leisure and hospitality industry, followed by education and health services. Since 2011, 391,300 net new private sector jobs have been created in Tennessee.
Tennessee first marked a historic low unemployment rate in June at 3.6 percent, which was bested by the July rate of 3.4 percent, and then fell even lower in August to 3.3 percent. It hit a new historic low of 3 percent in both September and October. November’s rate inched up to 3.1 percent.
Tennessee’s unemployment rate continues to post well below the national rate of 4.1 percent, which has remained unchanged since October.