Tennessee Communities Improving Internet Speeds

laptopOn Wednesday (6/11/2014) at the Southland Conference on technology, entrepreneurship + southern culture, Connected Tennessee announced new statewide research showing that nearly 1 in 10 Tennesseans now have broadband speeds of 1 Gbps (“gigabit”) or greater available to their home or residence. Gigabit broadband is around 100 times faster than today’s average residential broadband Internet download speed.
Connected Tennessee’s April 2014 semi-annual broadband inventory update indicates that a total of 8.8% of Tennesseans from the communities of Bristol, Chattanooga (North America’s 1st residential gigabit community), Clarksville, Morristown, and Tullahoma currently have availability to broadband speeds of 1 “gigabit” or above. Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower are also exploring ultra-high-speed broadband network build outs in Nashville and neighboring Middle Tennessee communities.
174,000 Tennessee households are still without broadband availability at FCC minimum speed targets.