Tennessee 4th Dangerous State

tennessee flagA new study conducted by the financial website WalletHub ranks Tennessee as the fourth most dangerous state to live.
While some might think safety is measured by the crime rate, it’s not the only contributing factor. For instance, Tennessee was ranked 41st in safe driving and 36th in DUI arrests.
Department of Highway Safety officials said the lack of seat belt use and DUIs were two major contributing factors to fatalities in Tennessee. Both areas are Tennessee Highway Patrol initiatives this year.
According to WalletHub, Tennessee is also the third most dangerous state for natural disasters based on 10 years of monetary damage.
While Nashville has a low murder rate, the state is worse than average. Tennessee is the 15th most likely state to be murdered in.
Tennessee also has the third highest assault rate in the country and the 11th most sex offenders.
The state topped the list of number of drug arrests per capita. Officials with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse said they are working on improving that statistic.