TEMA Says there is No Gas Shortage in Tennessee

TEMA 2The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is sending a message to consumers by saying that there is not a gas shortage in Tennessee.
TEMA says there are about two other pipeline sources Tennessee uses beyond the ruptured Alabama pipeline. The high demand has overpowered the supply, which has caused gas stations to run out of certain grades. Some stations in Manchester were completely out of fuel on Saturday night, but have returned to normal operation.
Despite some stations running out of gas, some others are reporting sales being up by 50 percent.
Officials are urging drivers to maintain their normal gas buying routines as retailers work to refill the pumps.
Gov. Bill Haslam on Friday declared a state of emergency, which authorized trucks to drive extended hours to bring in more gas to meet the demand. According to TEMA, Haslam could only do that through an executive order because federal law prohibits truckers from driving over certain hours.
(Portions of this story from WSMV-TV)