Teenager Attacked In Tullahoma

A 19-year-old woman was attacked Thursday morning, as she was about to enter the Kroger store on North Jackson Street. 19-year-old Nakayla Sullivan told Tullahoma Police Officer Cody Brandon that she and her 2-year-old son were attempting to enter the store when she attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. Sullivan stated that she covered her son to keep him from being injured. Sullivan told the officer that her attacker struck her in the ribs, back, arms, and face and head. While she was being attacked, an unknown male yelled at the attackers and said he was calling the police. The attackers left but not before checking Sullivan’s pockets as well as the pockets on her son’s clothes. They then ran from the area. After talking with the officer, Sullivan went to Harton Regional Medical Center to be checked out for injuries. According to the officer’s report, Sullivan had bruises “all over the face and arms.” Police are continuing to investigate the attack.