Tea Party Puts Pressure On Haslam

Gov. Bill Haslam

Tea partiers are pressuring Governor Bill Haslam to rule out running an insurance exchange. Under the federal healthcare overhaul, Tennessee officials can launch an exchange for the state, but if they don’t, Washington will – and Haslam has been slow to commit.
Tea-party groups and other conservative critics are planning a demonstration at the capitol in Nashville today (Dec 5, 2012). They don’t want the state to play ball with the federal healthcare law by building an exchange. It would be an online store and database to help Tennesseans shop for insurance plans.
A spokesman says while Haslam doesn’t like the healthcare law either, he thinks the state could run its own exchange more efficiently than Washington. But the rules are murky, so Haslam has been holding out for clarity, ahead of a December 14th deadline to decide.