(TDEC) Depost Large Section of the Duck River

City of Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman, TDEC Deputy Commissioner Shari Meghreblian, Park Manager Keith Wimberly, Coffee County Mayor Gary Cordell

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Environment was on-hand to de-post a large section of the Duck River. The advisory was initially issued in 1995 and includes the portion of the river that runs through Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park as well as upstream to Morton’s Lake. The Duck River is considered to be one of North America’s most biologically diverse river systems, sporting multitudes of rare fish and mussel species. Work by various agencies to bring e. coli levels to acceptable and safe levels has returned this portion of the river to a safe, family-friendly recreational spot with improved water quality.