TBI Director Leaving Earlier than First Announced

Retiring Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director and McMinnville native Mark Gwyn says he’s now leaving office May 16 instead of the June 1 date he originally announced.
His new retirement date comes a day after a nominating commission interviewed a list of potential candidates to succeed Gwyn.
The five-member commission will then narrow its list to three to present to Governor Haslam to make a selection.
Gwyn, who has led the agency for nearly 14-and-a-half years, has long said the TBI is understaffed and underfunded.
This past legislative session, state lawmakers added 10 TBI agents and two forensic techs to help the staffing levels, but several lawmakers hope additional help for the agency will be a priority of the next governor.
The TBI said Deputy Director Jason Locke will serve as acting director until the governor makes his selection.