TAX TIP TUESDAY: Economic Impact Payments for those who don’t file a return

By Rosalyn Partin, Manchester H&R Block

Individuals who are not required to file a tax return may still be eligible for Economic Impact Payments (also known as Stimulus Payments). To be eligible for the payments you must be a US citizen or resident alien, have a work-eligible Social Security number, and not be a dependent on someone else’s tax return in 2020.

There have been 3 Economic Impact Payments. The first payment was issued in April/May of 2020 and was $1200 for adults and $500 for qualifying children dependents. The second payment was issued in January 2021 and was $600 for adults and $600 for qualifying children dependents. The third payment was issued beginning in March 2021 and was $1400 for adults and their dependents. The first and second Economic Impact Payments which were not received when IRS processed the payments can be claimed as the Recovery Rebate Credit by filing a 2020 Income Tax Return.

Individuals who receive Social Security, SSI, Railroad Retirement, or VA benefits should have received the EIP even if they didn’t file a tax return. However, in some cases those payments were missed due to the IRS not having enough information to issue the payment. Also, if you don’t file a return but you have dependent children living in your home, you should file a 2020 return or register as a non-filer to receive the payments for your dependent children. You can register as a non-filer on the IRS website at IRS.GOV/EIP or contact your tax professional to file a return.

If IRS indicates that your stimulus payments have been issued but you have not received the payment, you should initiate a payment trace using IRS Form 3911 or contact IRS at 800-919-9835.

If you need to file a 2020 return to receive the 1st and 2nd Economic Impact Payments, please call your local H&R Block office. In Manchester TN call 931-728-9462. H&R Block Has Your Back!