Take Time To Talk To Your Teens

Recent survey conducted on behalf of Anheuser-Busch reveals two-thirds of parents have used the back-to-school timeframe to talk with their teens about underage drinking.
An online survey also found 88 percent of those parents felt their kids were receptive to the conversation. Separately, 67 percent of parents surveyed feel they have influence on their teens’ decisions about underage drinking and their teens listen to them.
Kathy Casso, vice president of corporate social responsibility says as parents, we have tremendous influence on our kids’ decisions about drinking. And, as kids are back in school, catching up with friends and experiencing new social situations, it’s a perfect opportunity to check in and prepare them to make smart choices when it comes to underage drinking. The talk about drinking program provides parents with practical tips from a certified parent coach on connecting with kids and maintaining an ongoing dialogue on the topic of alcohol.
Parents can ask questions, share ideas and download the parent guide at Facebook.com/family talk.