Survey: Gas Prices Low; Consumer Expectations Remain High

gas prices 6Gas prices in Tennessee remain low compared to recent years, averaging around $2.11 a gallon. It’s welcome relief to drivers at the pump, but even with the reprieve, they’re saying they still want their next car or truck to get better gas mileage. A new Consumer Federation of America survey finds car buyers still have an eye on better mileage. CFA’s director of research Dr. Mark Cooper says nearly 86 percent rank fuel efficiency as important when shopping for a new car or truck. “They say they want to get about five or six miles per gallon more, compared to the vehicle that they own,” says Cooper. “So they’re very intelligent about gasoline prices.” Cooper says motorists also see better mileage as a cushion against the rise and fall of gas prices while trying to set monthly budgets. In Tennessee, while gas prices remain lower now than in recent years, the price per gallon has increased by nearly 20 cents since January, according to Triple-A. Jack Gillis, author of The Car Book, says no one is fooled by today’s low gas prices. The CFA research shows drivers could easily pay nearly double for gas each month when prices rise again. “Consumers are smart and have long memories,” says Gillis. “So it’s no surprise they still want more fuel efficiency even though today’s gas prices may be low.” The survey found those polled believe gas prices will be edging close to $4 a gallon five years from now and prefer a car or truck that gets at least 30 miles per gallon. The research also noted Americans are driving fewer miles, and it’s expected that will not change as younger generations shun vehicle ownership.
The low price for gas in Manchester is $2.09 and in Tullahoma the low price per gallon is now $2.05.