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Supply lists for Manchester City Schools are here

The Manchester City School system is gearing up for the start of school as the first abbreviated day for students will be Thursday Aug. 1, with the first full day of school being Friday, Aug. 2. Manchester City Schools includes College Street Elementary, Westwood Elementary and Westwood Middle School. If you aren’t sure what supplies your child will need, we have complete supply lists for each school here:


College Street 1st grade

College Street 2nd grade

College Street 3rd grade

College Street 4th grade

College Street 5th grade

College Street Kindergarten

Westwood 1st grade

Westwood 2nd grade

Westwood 3rd grade

Westwood 4th grade

Westwood 5th grade

Westwood kindergarten

Westwood Middle School Supply List 2019-2020_{SISC434B177889F}