State Representative Judd Matheny is Honored

Rep. Judd Matheny

State Representative Judd Matheny (R–Tullahoma) officially received the 2017 President’s Award from the Tennessee Association for Home Care — an organization dedicated to improving, standardizing, and lobbying for changes to help Tennesseans remain in their homes for both short and long term healthcare and support.
This year, Representative Matheny took the lead in presenting House Bill 51 in the legislature, a first-of-its-kind piece of legislation designed to place guardrails on managed homecare and to address problems home healthcare companies encounter in getting paid for their services.
Home-based health companies provide an alternative to the current nursing home model by offering care that enables seniors to receive care in their own residences and communities instead of having to move to alternative facilities.
Despite enormous growth among the oldest age groups most likely to use nursing home services, data collected in 2013 shows nursing home use by seniors enrolled in Medicaid programs has decreased by over 30% since 1995. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) credits the use of private and less expensive home-based health services for this trend.
“Utilization of home-based care is an ever growing industry,” said Representative Matheny. “Not only are these services used by our seniors, but also help those with disabilities from all age groups. This is why it is vitally important we continue this work to reform the rules and regulations surrounding home healthcare in our state, especially to ensure our home health companies are being promptly paid by Medicaid for their valuable services.”
Judd Matheny serves as a member of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, as well as the House Insurance & Banking Committee and Subcommittee.