Spring Brings Outdoor Activities

bicycleWe are all excited about the arrival of spring and the increased outdoor activities. Included in those outdoor activities are people getting their motorcycles and bicycles out and enjoying the spring weather. Just as the cycles presence on our roadways will increase, the possibility for accidents increase also.  Operators of motorcycles and bicycles understand they must always be looking for potential traffic hazards, oncoming vehicles and inattentive drivers.  The Tullahoma Police Department encourages all drivers to respect the cycles and share the road with them. Drivers should remember that there are blind spots while driving and the cycle operators may not be easily seen due to other traffic or obstructions.
Over the next few weeks there are several cycle events scheduled. These events may include a handful of riders or large events with many riders, or simply a solo rider.
According to Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell, the state law has some specific regulations for the operation of motorcycles and bicycles. Such regulations include; all motorcycles operators must wear a helmet, the headlight must be illuminated, and no more than two motorcycles shall ride abreast on the road.  The statutes also require bicycle riders to abide by the rules of the road. Of major concern to bicycle riders is the statute indicating that any vehicle passing a bicycle rider must give at least three (3) feet of clearance until safely past the overtaken bicycle.  Also remember that bicycle riders under the age of sixteen (16) must wear a helmet while riding.
Let’s all enjoy the spring weather and our outdoor activities. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All automobile drivers, motorcycle drivers, and bicycle riders must respect the rules of the road and practice operating skills that will contribute to the safety of our roadways.