Special Baseball League Starting In Manchester

baseball 4Come one, come all! Come out for baseball! A local group is starting a special needs baseball league in Manchester. A young boy has a burning desire to play baseball. So they decided to help make his dream come true. Now they have enough children to form a league that have the same dream as their son. They are looking for more children who would love to play. No age requirement, any disability, boys and girls. All are welcome! No registration fee required! They want all kids who want to play to be able to join so no need to worry about money! They have equipment! Just bring your child out to have a good time! Let them be a part of this and let them take care of the rest! For the first season, games will start on Thursday July 10, 2014 on a field provided by the REC Center. They will play an 8 week season and all get trophies at the end! Next year they look forward to playing in the spring with all the other leagues. The special needs league will be using what is called a “sky ball” rather than a real baseball to protect the kids.
Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions. And it’s not too late to join! Please call if your child would like to play! Even if they’ve already started, your child will still be welcomed.
Call Veronica at 931-450-2638 or Michael at 931-450-2636.