Some Wanting To Change County Elections

vote hereSome county leaders are wanting a change in the way voters select people to all elected county positions. Commissioners brought a resolution before the county Legislative Committee this week to make county elections a nonpartisan vote. This would do away with a primary and there would only be a general election.
Some of the commissioners are saying this would save the county money. The primary alone cost taxpayers over $59,000.
However, representatives of the Coffee County Republican Party (CCRP) attended the meeting to oppose the resolution. Frances Arthur, a representative of the CCRP said the state Republican Party would not be in favor of this resolution because the election would be leaning more toward a popularity contest rather than a true election.
Some of the county Democratic leadership says this is way to save the county money when budgets are tight.
If both the Democratic and Republican parties do not agree to hold nonpartisan county elections, the commission must take the resolution to the Tennessee General Assembly with a two-thirds vote. If the assembly approves on behalf of the county, then the commission must again pass the resolution again by a two-thirds vote.
The next legislative committee meeting will be held 5 p.m., Monday, Nov. 23 at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza.