“Slow the Flow” Drug Roundup In Manchester

Officers get instructions before going out on operation "Slow the Flow"

Officers get instructions before going out on operation “Slow the Flow”

Monday was a very busy day for the area law enforcement. The Manchester Police Department conducted a roundup of people that have been indicted by the Coffee Court system on drug charges. The operation is called “Slow the Flow”. The day got started at Coffee County High School with an assembly in the gym. Manchester Police Chief Mark Yother spoke to the junior and seniors about the prom that will be held on Friday night at the school. Yother told WMSR News that this operation is about education and enforcement. The chief highly encouraged the students to be drug and alcohol free. The Coffee County Anti-Drug Coalition was also in attendance at the school asking students to sign a pledge to be alcohol and drug free. After meeting with the students, arrests started to occur throughout the county. The

Van arrives the Coffee County Jail with the 7 people arrested at M-Tech

Van arrives the Coffee County Jail with the 7 people arrested at M-Tek

largest amount of people taken into custody at one location were seven made at a local manufacturer in the Coffee County Industrial Park. After a joint effort between M-Tek and Manchester Police the seven arrests were made while the people were working at M-Tek Monday night. The operation has 120 cases and a total of 81 defendants. During the “Slow the Flow” operation officers took $100,000 worth of drugs off the street. Drugs included Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Meth, Meth Labs, Cocaine, Marijuana, Morphine, Xanax plus vehicle and cash seizures. Manchester Police was assisted by the Coffee County Sheriff’s department, Tullahoma Police, Office of Inspector General, parole and probations officers and the District Attorney’s office.
Names of those arrested so far in the roundup; John Crawford, Darra Tinnel, Jimmy Stewart Jr., Lisa Keele, James Edwards, Dominique Lawrence, Bryan Phillips, Karen Rader, Robert Rader, Shelly Meeks, Michael Brown, Wendy Sloan, Timothy Solomon, Donny Cole, Donald Brewer, Robert Miller Jr., Terry Honea, James Wells, Robert Glenn Martin, Michael Anthony Muro, Jammie Watson, Ashley Chrisman, Candace Stewart, Francis Wise, Debra Copestick, Theresa Schodenberg and Danny Edwards.