Tullahoma Shooting Suspect Caught By Authorities

Shawn Michael Luce

Shawn Michael Luce

Tullahoma Police and other authorities worked tirelessly for over 12 hours searching for a man they said shot at them late Wednesday night. Police were able to capture the suspect on Thursday afternoon in Tullahoma.
At approximately 11:06 pm Wednesday night, Tullahoma Police were dispatched near 1505 Normandy Road in regards to a domestic dispute. The suspect abandoned a vehicle in the road and left with keys and firearms.
While officers were interviewing the apparent female victim, she stated that Shawn Michael Luce, 25, had gotten out of the car and took the keys and grabbed two weapons. She allegedly told police that he got a pistol and an M-1 assault rifle from the vehicle. As officers were talking to the woman approximately 6 shots were fired in their vicinity. The officer and victim moved to a near-by parking lot at Normandy Road and Flower Town Road. At 11:28 pm more shots were fired rapidly.
Units from the Tullahoma Police Department, Coffee County Sherriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) arrived to control area. The THP dispatched a helicopter to assist in the search.

Shawn Michael Luce being escorted inside the Tullahoma Police Department... Photo by Wayne Thomas of the Tullahoma News.

Shawn Michael Luce being escorted inside the Tullahoma Police Department… Photo by Wayne Thomas of the Tullahoma News.

Around 1:25 p.m. Thursday officers located Luce behind a house on Ralph Broadrick Road. He started to run and Tullahoma officers Tyler Hatfield, Sam Campbell and Johnny Gore along with Sheriff’s deputy Brandon Reed and Investigator James Sherrill chased him down and caught him around 1:36 p.m. at 1188 Riley Creek Road.
He was then transferred to Tullahoma Police Department.
Luce has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and illegal possession of a weapon. The investigation is continuing and other charges could possibly be filed.
He would not tell officers where he spent the night after evading officers during their search for him.
Any person having information about this incident should contact the Tullahoma Police Department at (931) 455-0530.
According to police, Luce has “several” warrants from Florida where he recently moved from to Tullahoma.