Shelbyville Man Charged With Raping Wife

David Wayne Johnson (Photo from Bedford County Sheriff's Dept.)

Police in Shelbyville are calling a domestic abuse case one of the most horrific they have ever seen.
Investigators believe a woman was held against her will for nearly three days inside her own Shelbyville home while she was beaten, stabbed and raped by her husband, David “Bubba” Johnson.
And the whole episode may have started because of an argument over Facebook.
Detectives said Johnson snapped Wednesday, repeatedly attacking his wife after he saw her chatting with another man on Facebook.
The couple’s three small children were inside the home at the time, too.
Police said after two-and-a-half days of being tortured, the woman finally made a run for it when her husband turned his back.
She ran to a nearby gas station as her husband was in pursuit in his car.
A store clerk heard the woman’s cries for help and was able to lock her safely in a back room until police arrived.
Officers arrested Johnson and later charged his mother and sister, too, because investigators said they witnessed the alleged abuse and did nothing to stop it.
Johnson is charged with aggravated kidnapping and especially aggravated rape.
Johnson’s bond is set at $500,000, and police are still investigating the couple’s past history of domestic violence.
The Department of Children’s Services has been called to care for the couple’s children.-WSMV-