Shelbyville Police will NOT Allow Several Items Inside Rally Event Area

Below is a list of prohibited items at the Shelbyville Rally:
• No weapons of any kind including firearms, knives, electrical weapons, chemical sprays, or anything that could be considered a weapon
• No glass, thermal, or metal containers, including food, liquid or drink cans, bottles, or coolers of any kind
• No containers, purses, fanny packs, or backpacks; Only required medical items will be allowed
• No poles, sticks, clubs, baseball or softball bats, golf clubs, umbrellas, selfie sticks, or other items that could be used as a weapon
• No masks, including gas masks, or any type of face covering
• No torches, lanterns, fireworks, or other devices that use fire or fuel
• No aerosols, spray cans, or pressurized canisters
• No toy or replica weapons
• No animals except working service animals
• No missiles, projectiles, or other items that if thrown that could cause injury
• No laser pointers
• No items determined to be safety hazards