Shelbyville Man Charged With Rape In Tullahoma

Rape investigationGraphic details, please be aware… A Shelbyville man is being held in the Coffee County Jail under a $250,000 bond after being arrested Monday.
Aled Key Marable, 28, of Highway 41A South, Shelbyville is charged with rape and aggravated assault following an alleged incident Sunday.
The victim told Tullahoma Police Officer Lynn Cannon that she was held against her will at an apartment. When the officer found the woman she was at the intersection of Freeman and East Lincoln Street with visible severe injuries to her head and face. She also had bruise marks on her upper torso. She also, according to the officer’s report, was not wearing any pants when she was found.
The woman told the officer that she was beaten to a blackout state after she refused to take part in group sex with her boyfriend and others.
According to the warrants, in addition to the bruises the victim also had her head shaven as punishment for not participating.
According to the officer’s report, the woman had something sprayed into her eyes.
She told the officer that she knew she had been raped and forced to have an oral encounter. A rape kit was conducted at Harton Regional Medical Center.