Several Arrested On Drug and or Weapons Charges

ATFAn investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) along with several other law enforcement agencies has resulted in 22 people arrested on several drug and firearm charges.
The arrests, made Wednesday, canvassed nine counties across southeast Tennessee, northern Georgia and northern Alabama with the operation being centered in Marion County.
The investigation resulted in two separate grand jury indictments which includes charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, distribution of methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, and possession of a firearm by prohibited people.
Those charged in the first indictment include:

  • David Henderson, 45, of Wildwood, GA
  • Ronald Green Jr., 49, of Jasper, TN
  • James Ray Pritchett, 36, of South Pittsburg, TN
  • Dennis Reed, 44, of South Pittsburg, TN
  • Steve Hankins, 58, of Jasper, TN
  • Christopher Brian Janeway, 41, of South Pittsburg, TN
  • Kevin, Denney, 40, of South Pittsburg, TN
  • James Allen Sexton, 50, of Chattanooga, TN
  • Kelly Nance, 34, of Jasper, TN
  • Jason Boston, 35, of South Pittsburg, TN
  • Charles Meeks, 41, of Tracy City, TN
  • Michael Patterson, 40, of Philadelphia, TN
  • Robert Graham, 46, of Trenton, GA

Those charged in the second indictment include:

  • Monica Sha Newman, 38, of Jasper, TN
  • Mark Anthony Johnson, 33, of Tracy City, TN
  • Terry Jones, 53, of Crandall, GA
  • Ronald Terry Wilmore, 46, of McMinnville, TN
  • Tiffany Hadder, 32, of Gruetli Laager, TN
  • Nathan Carlton, 40, of Stevenson, AL
  • Rodney Craig Akins, 49, of Dunlap, TN
  • Jamie Harris, 43, of Whiteside, TN
  • Jeremy Toro, 40, of Tracy City, TN

In addition to ATF and the Marion County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office, state and local law enforcement agencies who assisted with the arrests include: the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation; Tennessee Highway Patrol; Dade County Georgia Sheriff’s Office; Grundy County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office; Jackson County Alabama Sheriff’s Office; Loudon County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office; Murray County Georgia Sheriff’s Office; Sequatchie County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office; Warren County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office; Monteagle Tennessee Police Department; and the Chattanooga Tennessee Police Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney Terra Bay will represent the United States.