Schools Open This Week

Coffee County schools would like to inform the Manchester students in the school system about their bus service changes for this new year. All high School students in Manchester will be picked up at their usual bus stops located throughout Manchester City Limits. These buses will not have markings on the outside of them making them designated for the high school. The Raider Academy (9th grade) buses will also stop at these same stops within Manchester. These buses will have a large 9 on the right front corner of the bus. The Coffee County school system will be asking students to check and make sure they are on the correct bus by asking your bus driver if needed. Coffee County schools are excited about the start of this new school year and hope that they can meet the needs of your student. Please feel free to call 931-723-5157 if you have any questions about your student’s routes or bus stops.
Coffee County schools begin their 2014-15 year on Tuesday for an abbreviated day, releasing at 10 AM. First full day is Thursdayschool-bus. Manchester City begins on Friday August 1, releasing at 9 AM and the first full day is Monday August 4. In Tullahoma, city schools will begin on Tuesday (July 29) with students dismissed at 1 PM and the first full day will be July 30.