Scam Warning From Coffee County Authorities

scam4Scammers are hard at work in Coffee County. Coffee County Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Dendy contacted WMSR News on Friday to issue a warning about a new scam that is making its rounds in the county.
Dendy says that scammers are calling people claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service and say they have money for them. They also ask for the person’s bank account number and their social security number.
Some people have provided the criminals with personal information, costing them hundreds of dollars.
The investigator warns that the IRS does not do this. People should not give out their social security number and bank account to callers. He also said that the IRS would have your social security number and would not have to ask for it.
If anyone has received one of these calls or have fallen victim to the calls or have questions about a possible scam to contact him at the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department 728-3591 or 723-3028.