Scam Alert Update

scam4Area police departments, as well as Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, have received complaints that a person/persons are calling their phones advising that they failed to appear in court and have ignored a subpoena. The caller then states to get a green dot credit card and deposit money into an account or they will be arrested by a deputy or police officer. This is a SCAM. Neither the local police departments nor the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department would attempt to collect money for this, nor would they request any payment in lieu of going to jail.
Another scam is a rip off the Publisher’s Clearing House contest. The caller tells the intended victim that they have won $10M and a new car. The scammer ask you to put money on a Green Dot credit card for processing fees. Remember this is a scam and has nothing to do with Publisher’s Clearing House and if you didn’t enter the contest you are not going to win.
If you have been contacted by someone soliciting money please notify the Criminal Investigation Division of the Manchester Police Department at 931-728-2099, Tullahoma Police at 455-0530 or the sheriff’s department at 728-3591. Do not give these people any money or personal information.