Scam Alert From TUB

scam4It has come to the attention of the Tullahoma Utilities Board (TUB) that several utility customers in Tullahoma have received scam calls lately. The caller is spoofing TUB’s phone number, is claiming to work for TUB, and is telling customers’ utilities will be cut off if a payment is not received immediately. The caller is asking customers to either wire money, send a money order, or even use a credit card to send payment for a delinquent utility account. Usually, these calls are happening after hours, when the TUB office is closed for the day.
Please know that TUB has never and will never call a customer and ask for immediate payment.
If an account is past due, TUB will either send multiple notices, come to the account holder’s home or business or make a phone call during regular business hours to notify the individual responsible for the account that it past due.
Anyone receiving a similar call or who has been the victim of this scam, is encouraged to alert the police. For any questions, call the TUB office at 455-4515.