Scam Alert!!

scam4Another scam is working in the area. This scam has cost a 52-year old Murfreesboro woman over $800.
The scam started when the victim received an email in regards to low interest cash loan rates. The woman contacted the company and was told to send them several “Money Grams” to prove that she would be able to make future payments.
According to WGNS Radio in Murfreesboro, a man by the name of Chris Rogers told the female that the future payments would be returned after the loan was approved. Without further questions, the victim made numerous trips to local Dollar General Stores and obtained multiple Money Grams totaling $857.75. She then sent the Money Grams to the company that is called Cash Net USA, according to a police report.
So far, the woman has not received any of the cash back nor has she received a loan.
Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves says that someone in the local area has reported that they received a phone call concerning a similar scam. The sheriff says scammers are always on the prowl so he says the public should be aware that they could receive a call like this on their home or cellular phone. He says that scammers are now sending emails looking for victims. Sheriff Graves says most companies will not make calls or send emails requesting money upfront. He added that if someone calls you or emails you and asks you for money from a Money Gram, Green Dot credit card or something similar, it’s most likely a scam.