Scam Alert

scam_alertThe Estill Springs Police Department is warning area residents to be aware of a scam that is taking place in the area.
According to Estill Springs Police Chief Allen Rhodes, people are calling individuals saying they are from a pay day loan and that the person receiving the call is behind on a loan. “They have called people and had the people’s name, social security number and where they work,” the chief stated. “They are calling from a 215 area code.”
The caller demands a payment and if they don’t provide a credit card number then scammer claims that a warrant will be issued.
According to the chief, the individual receiving the call hung up on the caller. “The intended victim then received a call about 15 minutes later and the caller ID showed the call from the Estill Springs Police Department,” Rhodes stated. “The scammers then told the individual that they were an officer with the department and they had a warrant for his arrest.” They told the man to come to the police department for the serving of a warrant.