Scalpers Banned In Coffee County

bonnaroo tixConcerned over traffic issues the Coffee County Commission passed a resolution to stop the resale within Coffee County any ticket, pass, admission card, token, access bracelet or any other evidence of entitlement to admission to an entertainment event. An example would be Bonnaroo.
In April the City of Manchester passed a similar resolution.
Anyone found in violation of the provision will not only have to forfeit each ticket in question but also be fined $50 for each one.
The ban apparently does not pertain to online reselling via the Internet, but only to physical reselling in public areas around the time of the events themselves.
Manchester Alderman Cheryl Swan says the main reason for the city passing this new law is safety. She says that sometimes tickets sellers will just walk out into traffic to sell tickets or buyers will stop their vehicles in the middle of a street or highway to purchase.