SBCO awards over $20K to local educators

Sportsmen and Businessmen’s Charitable Organization has awarded over $20,000 to local educators across Coffee County, Manchester City, and Tullahoma City Schools through its Educational Enrichment Grant opportunity. SBCO’s Educational Enrichment Grant encourages local educators to submit innovative, outside-the -box opportunities for their students and schools that may encompass STEM, literacy, physical activity, social/emotional, to fine arts or career readiness. “This year’s selected recipients, through a highly competitive grant application cycle, represents our continued interest in and support of the outstanding work educators do for their students and our community,” said Carter Sain, SBCO President. This year’s grant recipients are as follows:

Coffee County Schools:

Coffee County Central High School:

Archery in Physical Education – David Martin

Biology Classroom Library — Tish Jaco

Journalism Online Newspaper — Katie Duke

In Class Texts for Foreign Language — Kaya Knox

Coffee County Middle School:

Trauma-Informed Classroom Calm Corners — Lana Creek

After School STEM Club — Deb Wimberely

Deerfield Elementary School:

Trauma-Informed Classroom Calm Corners — Alisha Vaughn

East Coffee Elementary School:

Pebble Path Early Childhood Playground — Lindsey Tucker

STEAM Bins — Wendy Manning

Hickerson Elementary School:

STEM Collaborative — Angela Ridner

Hillsboro Elementary School:

Trauma-Informed Classroom Calm Corners — Connie Heatherly

STEM Classroom Kits — Donna Harryman

New Union Elementary School:

STEM Night Activities — Michele Howell

North Coffee Elementary School:

Literacy Manipulatives — Kerry Pearson

Manchester City Schools:

College Street Elementary School:

SkyDome Planetarium — Allison Beachboard

Westwood Elementary School:

Literacy Texts for 1st Grade — Kelley Felice

Literacy Classroom Libraries — Amanda Phillips & Kari Lawson

Light Table Manipulative Enhancement — Lesli Sherrill

Light Table Manipulative Enhancement — Hilary Statum

STEAM Activities — Michelle Husted

STEM Activities — Misty Crosslin & Megan Walling

Classroom Library — Wendi Patton

Westwood Middle School:

– Classroom Library — Laura Freeze

– Art Easels — Will Pannell

Tullahoma City Schools:

– Sensory Room — April Norris

Robert E. Lee Elementary School:

– Peace Corners — Mary Gilbert

Since 1984, the Sportsmen & Businessmen’s Charitable Organization (SBCO) has been serving the Coffee County community through various philanthropic efforts. Those efforts include financial assistance to those in need with health, medical, dental, vision, food, education, transportation, shelter, and other expenses. In addition, we have successfully implemented several programs directed at assisting the children in our community.

For questions regarding this program or learning more about how to support the organization, please contact us at (931) 728-5048 or via email