Save SSA Today (Dec. 5, 2012)

Thousands of Social Security employees at more than 100 Social Security offices across the country and representatives from a 200-plus member organization coalition are taking to the streets today (December 5, 2012) in what the coalition is calling an effort to “save Social Security and Medicare” from extinction .
A recent study by the National Council of Social Security Field Operations Locals (NCSSFOL) on the potential impact of sequestration determined that if mandated, sequestration would require the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reduce its budget by 5.5 percent. As a result of those cuts, SSA would have to institute an agency-wide hiring freeze with the exception of the hearings operations. This would result in a loss of more than 3,500 SSA and DDS (Disability Determination Service) State employees. More than 300 contact stations would have to be closed, eliminating in-person services in many rural and remote sites. SSA would also have to indefinitely suspend mailing out Social Security statements thus eliminating an important link between young workers and the benefits they will receive when they retire. (For more information on the study and a full list of coalition partners go to