Saturday Crash involves Highway Patrolman and Deputy

While working the scene of separate accident on I-24 early Saturday morning, Tennessee Highway Patrolman Adam Malone and Coffee County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Smith were injured when an 18-wheeler collided with their vehicles. The crash took place near mile-marker 112 eastbound, but a portion of the 18-wheeler landed in the outside lane westbound.
According to Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves the Trooper and Deputy that were injured in the accident but were treated and released from the hospital. According to reports the two people in the truck were not seriously injured.
Trooper Malone stated on his Facebook page that God was definitely watching over him and Sgt. Smith. He thanked Deputy Kevin Smith for rushing over to help him get out of that car.
Deputies Kevin Smith and Hassan Peterson were on the scene assisting with the first accident. They were able to move out of the way and avoid injury.
Sheriff Graves said he was thankful that there were no serious injuries or death in the accident. The sheriff who arrived on the scene a short time after the crash took place, said his main concern was with those involved. He said, “cars can be replaced, but lives cannot.”
The deputy car that was heavily damaged was purchased through the drug fund at no cost to the taxpayers and the replacement of that vehicle will be worked out between Coffee County and the insurances companies.
Traffic was rerouted through Manchester for several hours while the wreckage was cleared.