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Safety Tips to Help Visitors Navigate Bonnaroo

Tips to help you navigate the 18th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester.
Avoid Dehydration & Exercise Care with Alcohol:
• Drink plenty of water. Summer temperatures in Tennessee can be relentless. It is crucial to stay hydrated.
• Familiarize yourself with the location of free water stations if they are available.
• Try to avoid intense outdoor activity during the hottest time of day (10am – 2pm). Plan your schedule to incorporate rest periods.
• Wear lightweight, light-colored layers for sun protection and ventilation.
• Don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses.
• Monitor your alcohol intake carefully. Do not use alcohol as a substitute for water.
• Don’t take drinks, drugs or food from strangers.
• Do not leave your food or drinks unattended.
Utilize the Buddy System & Set a Meeting Place:
• Designate a “buddy” – someone you can trust to watch out for you and vice versa.
• Have a communication plan. Identify a relative or friend to contact in case of emergency.
• Identify a place to meet friends in case you get separated or an emergency occurs.
• Report any suspicious persons to a member of security at the event or to the Camp Site Assistance Team.
Supervise & Secure Your Belongings:
• Avoid bringing jewelry and valuables to music concerts and festivals.
• Keep cash, wallets, and credit cards out of back pockets where they can easily be taken.
• Don’t leave valuables in the car or tent.
• Identify items you want to have on hand (medications, snacks, water, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.).
• Check with the festival’s organizers to see if backpacks or large handbags are permitted to be carried into the venue and/or if storage lockers are available.