Rates going Up for those inside the Wayside Sewer System

Those of you living within the Wayside Sewer System area will begin to pay more for the service beginning July 1, 2017.
Coffee County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority voted to double the rates of the homeowners using the system.
Some homeowners and lot owners in the area who are not currently connected to the system will also start paying.
Coffee County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority serves the area of Wayside, Country Air and Deer Range, located off State Route 55 in rural Coffee County.
Fifty-nine homeowners using the system will start paying $114 as of July 1, up from the current monthly rate of $57.
Four lot owners in the Wayside circle, who are currently not paying anything, will see a $45 fee for wastewater service as part of their utility bills in July.
In addition to that, 17 homeowners in the Wayside Circle, currently not using the system, will have to also start paying $45 a month. These homeowners will have the option of connecting to the sewer system at a cost of $5,000. Those who chose this option will be responsible for the $114 monthly fee once that connection is made. However, those who opt out will be charged the $45 wastewater service fee.