Rape Charge Filed Against Hillsboro Man

Cory Thomas Keeling… Photo provided by the CCSD.

A Hillsboro man is free on a $35,000 bond after he was arrested on charges of raping a Tullahoma woman.
Cory Thomas Keeling, 25, of Amy Road, Hillsboro was arrested Sept. 22 in connection with an alleged rape that occurred on Ridgelawn Place in Tullahoma.
According to a warrant obtained by Tullahoma Police Investigator Rana Pawlowski, on Sept. 13 a woman reported that her friend took Keeling to the victim’s residence. The warrant alleges that the friend and Keeling arrived at her residence “very intoxicated.” Then the friend left but left Keeling at the residence.
The warrant alleges that after the friend left, Keeling “attempted to kiss the woman and she refused.” The warrant alleges that he then placed his hands around the woman’s throat and attempted to choke her.
The female, according to the warrant told the investigator that Keeling then forced her to perform a sexual act.
The warrant states that the victim had marks consistent with what she told the officer.
According to the investigator, the victim did not know Keeling.
Keeling is scheduled to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court on Sept. 28.