Public Safety Department at Motlow Receives Grant

The Motlow State Community College Public Safety Department was recently awarded a $2,500 grant through the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO), according to Ray Higginbotham, director of public safety at Motlow. The grant funds will be used as part of THSO’s mission to reduce traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities through local highway safety initiatives.
The Department faced stiff competition from traffic safety advocates, non-profit organizations, emergency response personnel, law enforcement, district attorneys’ offices, and other state agencies across Tennessee seeking funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through THSO. Grant recipients were required to meet data-driven criteria and highway safety standards.
The grant money will be used to purchase an electronic speed monitoring sign to be used on the well-traveled county road that goes through the Moore County campus. This should have a positive impact on motorists, and will help make the area safer for everyone by increasing driver awareness. Motlow security’s goal is to slow motorists down through this congested, high foot-traffic area.
The Department can also use data collected from electronic speed monitoring signs to apply for future grants.