Public Fireworks Display May Not Happen In Tullahoma

kiwanisWithout desperately needed financial help, the Tullahoma Kiwanis Club will not be able to sponsor this year’s annual July 4 fireworks display and air show, club spokesman Mike Rutherford.
“We have $5,000 and we need another $15,000 to have a show comparable to last year’s show,” Rutherford said.
He noted that the Kiwanis Club has sponsored the annual Independence Day fireworks event since 1968, “but if the collections don’t come in within the next few days the skies over Tullahoma will be dark on July 4.”
Rutherford explained that in the past the club has depended on donations from businesses and individuals to hold the event, but this year those donations have been slower coming in.
In order for a fireworks event to be held at the Tullahoma Regional Airport, an air show must also be held as a requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration. At this time, the airport is the only viable location for a fireworks event, according to local officials.
Rutherford said he has met with Mayor Lane Curlee to ask the city to pay for a larger portion of the event. The city currently contributes $2,500 to the fireworks show. “The city isn’t going to contribute anymore,” the mayor said. “We want to give other organizations a chance to step up and participate.”
Tullahoma fire inspector Richard Steiner said that even if the air show was scrapped, the new fire codes would restrict the fireworks event from behind Wilkins Stadium because of the new safety requirements that expand the distance required between the stands and the fireworks themselves, as well as between the fireworks and the school. This helps keep debris from falling on those watching the fireworks.
Steiner noted that the same rules would apply to holding the fireworks show at Frazier McEwen Park or Waggoner Park.
Anyone wishing to donate may do so by visiting the website at